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Whether you are seeking a prospective rubber manufacturer to produce an existing part, or if you have a new rubber product to be made, KMK may just have what you are looking for. The core of KMK’s product and service offering lies in our agility and flexibility to introduce something new. Up to now, KMK has successfully developed hundreds of products with applications ranging from automotive, civil engineering, heavy duty industrial and high performance electrical insulation parts.

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Improvement on Lifespan of Rubber Buffer for Ship-to-Shore Crane Spreaders

As part of a localisation project with a prominent Original Equipment Maker (OEM) in the crane spreaders industry, our team worked very closely with engineers from the OEM. To their surprise, we successfully developed a rubber buffer which continues to work for more than 50% longer than a counterpart sourced from Europe. This means improved working life and reduced downtime for the end users.


Customised Parts for Recycling Industry

In an effort to look for alternative supplier of parts, the recycling industry in California found out about KMK and managed to get parts that meet their quality, price and delivery needs.


Elastomer in Vibratory Pile Driver

With the support of engineers from the OEM, KMK created a customised testing machine to ensure consistent quality in shear strength to meet the OEM’s specific needs. Stringent production and quality control procedures have also been introduced to control the sensitive material so the OEM could get the quality they sought after.


Rubber Bushes for Heavy Trucks and Trailers

KMK manufactures high quality bushes for heavy duty use. We also have the expertise to modify rubber compound, geometry or design of the bushes to meet specific market needs. In an instance, KMK successfully modified compound formulation to minimise shrinkage in bushes in the cold climate such as North America. The introduction of KMK trailer bushes in Egypt also helped propel our distributor to a new height in the replacement market.


Heavy Duty Trackpads

Developing track pads to meet unique needs is one of KMK’s key strength. We have in multiple instances created strong pads which remained durable under heavier than normal load, even when the pads are subject to constant torque and curb and rail climbing. Not only do these projects helped us develop our process, it also helped our distributor to gain valuable credibility from the market.


High Performance Electrical Insulation Rubber Parts

KMK also successfully developed high performance insulation rubber parts used at electrical sub-stations. The quality of our rubber part is gaining recognition from the end users, and the market is showing interest.


Rubber Switch Pad

KMK collaborated with a specialist engineering team to develop highly performing rubber parts with focuses on mechanical properties for a monorail project. The successful development presented KMK as a valuable supplier to the project managers.