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We offer various fitting styles so you can select one that best suits your requirements.

All our pads are designed with the end users in our mind, with focus placed on quality and productivity. The pads’ profiles should perfectly fit your track shoe so as to prevent unnecessary movements that can lead to debris accumulation, which may introduce stresses to your pads thereby providing better durability. A perfect fitment also means quieter working noise.

Please request for an engineering drawing to ensure you are selecting the right pad. Alternatively you may also fill in an enquiry form so our staffs can help you find the best fitment.

Bolt On

Classic track pad design with 2 or 4 bolts at the bottom. It is the most robust and secure way to lock a pad onto your track shoes. Suitable for all track shoes with holes.

Bolt And Hook

The fitment style has fixed bracket or hooks on one side, and bolts on the other end. It is designed to improve fitting time whilst maintaining robustness of fitment. We have had feedback of customers reducing fitment time by almost 50%.

Clip On

This fitment style has fixed bracket or hooks on one side, and a specially designed clip fitting on the other end. This fitment style is particularly useful for vehicles with track shoes that have no holes. Favoured for its easy installation, it may also be chosen for track shoes that already have bolt holes.

Chain On

A chain-on (also known as Roadliner) pad is the modular substitute to using an all rubber track, which provides the added benefit of enabling end user to replace damaged pads on a one-to-one basis. The internal steel core is engineered toward with its elastomeric geometry which provides the pad with out standing abrasion resistance and durability.

Why KMK?

Using rubber track pads provide you with the best of both worlds when choosing between an all steel and an all rubber track option for your vehicle.


High Tear and Tensile Strength Rubber Compound

Our natural and synthetic blended rubber compound boast high tear and tensile strength which helps to prevent rubber pads from getting damaged by elements from working environment.


Excellent Elongation Rubber Compound

KMK rubber track pads provides excellent elongation properties which helps your pad to maintain its structural integrity when subject to torque and stretches such as during the climb of a curb.


Outstanding Abrasion Rubber Compound

Great abrasion properties from our compound formulation means your rubber pads can last longer, leading to lower downtime and better value for money.


Superb Bonding Strength

Years of experience made us experts when it comes to rubber to metal bonding. You will not need to worry about peel off defects when you know your track pads is manufactured by KMK.


Various Fitting Designs

Over the years, we listened closely to what the end users have to say and helped pioneer some of the fitting systems in the market. We offer wide range of fitting styles for you to choose from so you can optimise your maintenance and downtime.


Bespoke Solutions

Stock products do not meet your needs? At KMK, every opportunity to improve and expand is cherished. Approach our team and we will refer you to the right person in order to provide you with the solutions you need.


Agility to Continuously Improve

We listen closely and survey your demands with a passion. If you have a word to say about improvements to our rubber track pads, please do not hesitate to let a KMK personnel know so we can improve to meet your requirements.